Eggs and Peas

I'm back, and I have big news! On February 7, 2018 (my birthday), I launched a food blog called Eggs and Peas! I feel like everything is coming together . . . finally! This blog combines my life-long-interest in food with my passions for writing and photography. I will be sharing some recipes along with personal essays and musings. I have also been using Instagram to document my daily home cooking adventures if you'd like to follow along.

In preparation for launching my blog, my best friend Fiona graciously offered her beautiful kitchen as the location for a dream-come-true photo shoot with Houston-based acclaimed photographer Morgan Lynn Razi. This photoshoots was so fun and inspiring! Talk about bringing a vision to life!  Seeing myself this way helped me to gather the confidence I needed to take the leap into the blogosphere.  

SHOOTING: Fiona & Family

Fiona and I go way back. Slated to be suitemates, we met in person on the first day of freshman O-Week at Rice University in Houston, Texas. By then we had already spoken on the phone and discovered that we were both tall with long black hair and island heritage and were currently obsessed with Skee-Lo's "I Wish." Our friendship has since deepened into a sisterhood. Spending time with Fiona and her family feels a lot like going home. I got to "go home" to Texas this November, just in time to kick off the holiday season with my bestie and her beautiful family. 


I love photographing portraits. They are a delicious paradox of who someone is and who someone is not. Context is just as important as the subject. The actions and props hide things and reveal things at the same time. When shooting portraits, I seek and luxuriate in great light. And, I hunt for in-between-moments where the subject's awareness of the camera (and of me) is forgotten. I try to capture people both as they know themselves to be and as I see them. I find the tension between these two concepts to be captivating. 

This is Honi. In the morning. In the lobby of The Society Hotel. In the heart of Portland's Old Chinatown. Sipping a latte. Eating morsels of a dark chocolate dipped coconut macaroon with a spoon. Yup. This is Honi. Being herself. 


Gia, my dear friend and fellow Rice University alum, came to town for business. I met her at Hotel Monaco to catch up for a bit and spring a photo shoot on her. Graciously, she obliged. It was my first time inside a Hotel Monaco room. I was immediately struck by the bold and gutsy interior design choices. Custom wallpaper, various plaids and geometric prints, webbed footed lamps, a wingback chair and an unforgettable sconce - what a treat for the eyes! Gia's beauty captured within the hodgepodge of the interior's bold prints made for quite the juxtaposition.