Writer      Director      Photographer     Brainstormer

Iā€™m Daphne Kauahiilani Jenkins, a Hawaiian creative living in Portland, OR. I write, direct, and produce my own stuff. I want to write, direct, and produce your stuff, too. 

More about Daphne Jenkins:

Daphne Jenkins has always been an uncertified life coach and an unlicensed counselor. 

Daphne Jenkins wanted to be an orthopedic surgeon when she grew up. Then she grew up.

Daphne Jenkins could have been your lawyer. She is glad that she is not your lawyer.  

Daphne Jenkins was your favorite fifth grade teacher. (Hi, former students!)

Daphne Jenkins does burpees, collects Cardigan Welsh Corgis (she has one so far), and believes in love.